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  • Mech Game Action
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Gear Action
  • Southern Squad
  • Southern Squad
Competitor Pack
  • 2 Gears
  • 150,000 TEC

Veteran Pack
  • 4 Gears
  • 250,000 TEC

Ace Pack
  • 6 Gears
  • 500,000 TEC
  • Server Pack

8/8 Producer Update

Posted 2015-08-08 20:44:17

Wow, this last month has been a busy one here at MekTek Studios. Since my last producer’s update we’ve pushed a series of patches that updated the game virtually across the board, launched Early Access, added two new content packs to the store, and sent a small team to Gamescom to meet...Read more

Early Access is here!

Posted 2015-08-04 06:40:32

We are excited to announce Heavy Gear Assault’s move to Early Access. Our developers have been hard at work to make Heavy Gear Assault the best mech game experience possible. With the move to Early Access, players are no longer required to sign a confidentiality agreement or NDA. We...Read more

7/4 Producer Update

Posted 2015-07-02 20:11:40

Hey everyone, in this month's update I'm proud to share some of the great work the development team has been doing. I'll be focusing on updates done to the Gear materials and some of the new Gametypes we have been working on implementing. Gear Material Update One of the recent updates ...Read more

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