mech e-sports

Mech E-Sports

Terra Novans has a long standing tradition of resolving their differences through dueling. This tradition is common to many Terra Novan cultures, most notably in the Southern Republic and the Western Frontier Protectorate where they have incorporated it into the military. Important battles have been known to have been resolved over a duel.

Out of the mystic of these military duels, Gear Dueling as a spectator sport has evolved from backwater curiosity to a global sporting phenomena it is today.

Nestled in the desert Badlands region of Terra Nova, Khayr ad-Din is where the mega-wealthy elites and the poorest of the poor gather to see professional duelists, cut-throat thugs and thrill-seeking underdogs confront each other in the pulse-quickening spectacle of gladiatorial Heavy Gear. Fame, fortune and glory await their winner. Khayr ad-Din is home to Terra Nova's major Heavy Gear Dueling circuits. Among the glamour and glitz of the exclusive Spider's Web Arena, where only the cream of the crop gets the honor of performing, lie numerous underground and dangerous dueling circuits. These circuits are filled with desperate and ruthless newcomers who compete in no-holds-barred struggles for a chance to move up the leader boards.