A Heavy Gear is a humanoid one-man vehicle. Four to five meters in height, Gears are powered by a Rotary V-Engine - an advanced, compact and highly efficient internal combustion engine that requires minimal moving parts and is capable of consuming a variety of fuels. Gears move with human-like grace, using their agility to take advantage of terrain in combat. For faster speeds, Gears are equipped with a Secondary Movement System (SMS) in the form of either wheels or treads under their feet. A Gear can switch between movement systems on the fly.



These are either civilian versions of military Gears or modified engineering and work Gears, such as loaders. These should be the entry level Gears.


These are typically light, fast and nimble (e.g. fragile) reconnaissance Gears that act as scouts. In the military, these Gears designate targets for fire support teams, relay information and jam or confuse enemy sensors and communications. Because of their smaller size, speed, and EW equipment, they can stay undetected longer and manoeuvre in the arena for either swift melee hits or precision long range shots.


These are your basic general purpose Gears that fit the trooper role. They are not particularly optimized for any particular role but can fill any in a pinch depending on their loadouts. They have decent armor, simple to maintain, and can carry a variety of weapons.


Strike Gears are designed to be fast and hard hitting. Normally assigned to veteran military units entrusted to accomplish dangerous and critical missions. In the Arenas, these Gears' high end actuators and targeting suites allow veteran duelists to reach new heights in performance.


Heavy Gears carry heavier armor and weapons that are used to provide support to more agile Gears. Optimized to deliver devastating fire or crushing melee.


Assault Gears are even larger and heavier than support Gears are designed for full frontal assaults. Although slower than most Gears, the sheer amount of armor will ensure that they survive long enough to devastate anything in their way.