The Badlands

Blood in the Sand

No single political entity has yet managed to dominate the Badlands — though many have tried. Most of the vast deserts are unoccupied or home only to small groups of homesteaders trying to eke out a life from the land or rovers turned to banditry. The rich mineral resources found throughout the Badlands are coveted by the polar superpowers to feed their domestic economies. Confederations also seek claim to strategic land and the sealed Oasis Tower cities for forward bases. With so many factions fighting for control of the Badlands, natives believe the mineral resources draw their richness from the blood of those who sought ownership.

badlands structures

Power Players

The most significant power in the Badlands is Peace River, home of Paxton Arms. While Paxton Arms sells weapons to both polar confederations, they've also placed the lands around Peace River under their protection. The Peace River Defence Force (PRDF), equipped with the best weapons Paxton Arms can manufacture, patrols this stretch of desert and protects the residents against both rovers and polar aggressors. The PRDF is well-trained but overstretched, and some are beginning to wonder if Paxton Arms has bitten off more than it can chew.

Another up-and-coming Badlands power is NuCoal, or the New Coalition, a group of small, independent city-states. Unremarkable but for the presence of Port Arthur, NuCoal was founded by the abandoned Colonial Expeditionary Force troops, remnants of a failed Earth invasion. The might of the Arthurian Korps forces the polar confederations to respect NuCoal — but respect so often ends where a cannon barrel begins.

badlands citizens

Various other minor city-states dot the Badlands. Most are typical frontier towns, of interest only to lowlifes, drifters and those that live nearby. The exception is the "city of trash", Khayr ad-Din. The site of a vast junkyard, Khayr ad-Din has long been home to the most successful Gear dueling leagues on the planet — and it's here, in the city Khayr ad-Din, that Heavy Gear Assault players live and die for the chance to be named champions.

Backed by nearly 20 years worth of series lore, Heavy Gear Assault offers players a deep and deadly universe in which they are the primary athletes.