Introduction Benjamin Müller

By DeadSet

Hello Gearheads,

We would love to introduce Benjamin Müller, the musical genius behind the recent tracks. We managed to get a few minutes from him to introduce him to you.

Ben, why don’t you tell us how you got involved with MekTek Studio?
Well, that was like 9 years ago? I started as a regular forum visitor and then joined the team as a Junior Artist back in the day. It was one of my 3D models that caught the team’s attention. That’s how I ended up doing modelling and texturing during the modding days of MekTek.

One day someone noticed a few tracks I did when we started with AT1 and that's basically how I ended up to be the “music guy“ for MekTek. Besides, I have to admit that my modeling skills never exceeded “basic” levels.

Your music is very reminiscent of old mech games, but with a notable modern take. Where do you draw your inspirations?
Too many sources to name them all and I think I'd shamefully miss a few. I try to imagine what could fit the different possible in-game situations and make a few attempts until I have what I like. What I also try to keep in mind is the fact that modern game music changed a lot in the past years. It's difficult to explain but if you listen to current game soundtracks you'll notice they shifted more to be scores, which lifts them up to a total new level of creative dimensions in my opinion.

Music is key to any mech games, especially with the level of excitement we want to create with Heavy Gear Assault. What can fans expect from the soundtrack?
I do know that Mech folks simply love the soundtracks from the old Mecha games and I listened to my many attempts and I tried to stay consistent with that style. There is something to be said about splitting up and adding my own style, mostly because:

a.) you can't please everyone but you can disappoint many;
b.) I don't want to sound like a copy-cat.

Yeah, there are still some “old school“ elements in my tracks if you listen closely but I try to make something fresh and new which still fits to the Heavy Gear Universe - and that's the fun part of making music. So, what can you expect? Definitely pumping tracks with a fine mix of guitar riffs, lots of orchestral elements and garnished with some electronical tunes (just for the flavor).

On the off hand, what is your favorite Gear, and why?
That's a good question. I guess it would be too generic to say ALL of them, because they're simply ALL awesome? But if I'd need to choose I'd stick with the Kodiak. Bulky, blocky, big, lots of horsepower. That's how I like my Gears.

Thank you for your time Ben, we look forward hearing more of your great work.

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