Lazy Tech Guys Interview John Nguyen

By WhiteFeather

Sit down with Stompy Bot Production’s Vice President, John Nguyen, in his latest interview with LazyTechGuys. John discusses the reception of Heavy Gear Assault at GDC 2014, an in-depth look at some of the mechanics within the game, and what fans could expect with Early Access.

Here is a sneak peak:

Andrew: While HG2 introduced crouching and prone mechanics, will we see them return in HGA? Will the HUD allow players to customize their appearance and locations?

John : In the lore, the Gear’s tactical appeal comes from their human-like mobility. As such, HGA will implement all mobility functionality present in HG2 such as crouching, jumping, strafing, and the all-important secondary movement system which made Heavy Gear famous. These systems allow Gears to move faster on open terrain when compared to running, at the cost of some mobility.

Be sure to read the whole interview.

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