Introducing Joanne "Kyrelda" Laroche, our new community manager.

By Wildcard

Hey Gear Heads!


My name is Joanne “Kyrelda” Laroche and I am the newly appointed Community Manager for Heavy Gear Assault. It’s a pleasure to be here.


Some of you might recognize my name! Well that’s because I have been involved with games (Specifically MMOs) for quite some time - from Ultima Online to Star Wars: The Old Republictm and many worlds in between.  


As a player, I enjoy the thrill of the kill and the competitive nature that it brings. As your Community Manager, I will always be watching and reading your very important feedback and bringing you news and updates as quickly as they become available. There are plans for events, contests, and of course, some surprises.


If you haven’t followed us on Twitter or Facebook yet, now would be a great time:


Twitter: @HeavyGearTweet


See you out in the front lines!



P.S. Kill! Maim! Destroy!


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