Multiplayer Modules

What is the release plan for Heavy Gear Assault?

The Heavy Gear Assault development team plans to release HGA in the form of modules. Heavy Gear Assault will release in a series of modules, culminating with the launch of the Heavy Gear persistent universe with episodic single player warfare. Anticipated release dates for these modules are currently being finalized. However, the first module to be released is the Battle Module, which is planned for release by Q2 2014.

What does the Battle Module contain?

First and foremost, the Battle Module consists of the core gameplay mechanic. All of the major systems and sub-systems will be introduced which are necessary for core gameplay such as the movement, inventory, damage, & weapons systems. Our Community Warfare tools will also be introduced such as our community lobby system, our basic match making system, and our dedicated server system all supporting a certain level of world persistence. The Battle Module will feature our first world codenamed “Hydro” as well as our finest selection of Gears and Striders available at the time of release. Our focus is not on content with this module but rather mechanic and balancing.

What other Modules are planned?

We have many modules planned before final release of the game. Descriptions of these modules will be updated here over time. Right now you can look forward to seeing the Black Market Module – this is where we plan to introduce various aspects of HGA’s meta-game including the Black Market, Economy System, NPCs, various game types, and an integrated world persistence. The Gear Bay Module – this is where we introduce complete control over the look and feel of your Gears, Striders, pilots and, yes, even your very own corner of the Gear Bay. Want to make your Gear look like a sports car? No problem. Want to make your Gear look like a WWII tank? No problem. The Weapons & Equipment Module – this is where we introduce a plethora of weapons from all weapons classes and an assortment of equipment in the Heavy Gear universe. The Intelligence Module – this is where we introduce our Intelligence and CPU systems. The Corporate Module – this is where we plan to introduce the concept of corporate sponsors and why they are so important to your success as a player in HGA. Over the course of the development cycle we may decide to roll together or split apart modules depending on the amount of time spent on particular features.