What is Heavy Gear Assault?

Heavy Gear Assault is the first next-generation mech game in development for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Featuring fully destructible environments and Gears, episodic singleplayer story missions, robust multiplayer e-sports integration and dynamic gun-and-melee combat that puts players in control of their pilot, Heavy Gear Assault pushes the boundaries of mech games as only Unreal Engine 4 makes possible.

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Producer Update

Posted Jul 24th 2014 1:13 PM by VAM

Hey Gearheads!

We know you’ve been waiting and hoping for an update on the progress we’ve been making behind the scenes with Heavy Gear Assault. I am happy to announce we are planning to do weekly Producer updates from here on out - so you'll never have to wait for the latest news on Heavy Gear Assault again.

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3D Prints from Sandboxr

Posted Jul 24th 2014 1:09 PM by DeadSet

We are pleased to show our first 3D Printed Gear from our partner Sandboxr.

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Introducing the Strider